Neck Geometry Options


CORAIL® Standard Collarless KS Stem and Collared KA Stem options enable femoral offset restoration and soft-tissue tensioning.


High Offset KHO collared and collarless options adds 7 mm of direct lateralisation to restore hip biomechanics in a wider range of patients.


COXA VARA High Offset Stem KLA collared neck option offers an increased offset and varus neck angle for femoral restoration and proper soft-tissue tensioning of varus angles patients.


CORAIL 125° Standard, designed for smaller patient anatomy, reduces leg length by 5 mm compared to standard neck.


The 135° Short Neck reduces offset by 5 mm allowing the restoration of hip biomechanics in a wider range of patients.

Collared stems are available in all neck options to assist controlling subsidence and add rotational stability in patients with osteopenic bone.

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